Have you been burgled? Have burglars rummaged through your personal belongings? Has your property been vandalized? We understand the feelings of affront both acts caused you. Someone rummaging through your personal effects such as drawers, wardrobe or safe is personal because this is where we keep our valuables or secrets. So it feels like a personal violation.

The damages from theft and vandalism are complex. The loss is not always objective; there are some things that have sentimental value attached to them. Therefore, the loss is not only objective but subjective. There is also the security threat not only to your property or valuables but safety issues affecting your family or loved ones which makes burglary or vandalism a personal affront. It leaves you feeling powerless.

The damages or loss are not always noticeable at first sight. Our property adjusters in Boca Raton have experience in carefully assessing the damages to both the property and its contents.

If you have been Burgled or Your Property Vandalized in Boca Raton…

If your business or residential property has suffered damage or suffered any form of loss, we are here to help you recover as much as possible. While we may not be able to help you recover items of sentimental value, there is a lot more we can do such as:

• Provide a comprehensive evaluation.
• Document the damage type.
• Draw up a schedule of loss.
• Draw up repair costs.
• Obtain the required police and or fire service reports or witness statements.
• Description of damaged contents.
• Repairs required.
• Negotiate a fair settlement with your insurance company.

We can guarantee you our public adjusters in Boca Raton will leave no stone unturned in gathering all the material required to make sure your claim is successful. If your claim isn’t paid out, it is our loss and we won’t get paid. Contact us today! We can start to put the pieces together.