Fire and Smoke Property Damage Claims in Boca Raton, FL

Has your Boca Raton, FL property been fully or partially gutted by smoke or fire? Residential and Commercial properties can be devastated by smoke or fire, regardless of the size of the fire. You should contact us immediately to speak to our public adjusters here in Boca Raton to assist you with your claim, but first call 911. Don’t delay!

Ensure everyone is safe and out of the arm of harm. We understand fire can happen at anytime, frequently unexpectedly. Below are some of the numerous reasons why fires breakout:
• Lightning.
• Electrical fires.
• Bonfires.
• Fireworks.
• Cigars or cigarettes.
• Appliances such as stoves.
• Arson.

There may be a combination of factors. The list is endless. If the fire is small do what you can to extinguish it but if it is too large or there is excessive smoke evacuate your premises and let the fire services do their job.

What to do if your Property has suffered Fire Damage in Boca Raton

Contact us to advise you about how to approach your insurance company. We will negotiate on your behalf. There may be a time limit to contact them. There are steps to be pursued to ensure the recovery process flows smoothly. Everything that has been damaged or destroyed has to be documented and pictorial or video evidence presented.

We will file your property damage claim on time and assert your rights to full and fair payment. We will need to review your policy and provide the following information in your insurance claim:

• Date of loss.
• Type of loss or damage.
• Location of damage.
• Any related injuries.
• Condition of the property.
• Description of damaged contents.
• Repairs required.
• Reports from the fire or police services.

There are many other issues such as advances that may need to be made on your insurance claim to secure living essentials for shelter, clothing, food, travel and disputes by the insurance company that need to be settled. Therefore, it is essential you contact us right NOW to discuss these issues with our public adjusters as we cannot cover all the complexities on this page.