Transportation Claims in Boca Raton

Our public adjusters in Boca Raton are here to help you process your claims. We understand the complex nature of the transportation industry and have helped a lot of clients resolve their claims successfully. Our task is to make your claim process hassle free.

We cover all aspect of the industry from privately owned transportation businesses, heavy equipment, trailer, haulage companies to individuals’ private vehicles. Our assessments on trucking or transportation damages and losses are second to none.

Here is a list of services we provide.

We provide complete detailed estimates and evidence based on the damage or loss incurred. We handle the communication process with your insurance company. We ensure all the forms and reports are submitted within the time frame. We manage all business interruption assessments and costs that arise. We represent your interests and get you the best deal possible.

Aviation Claims in Boca Raton

Aviation insurance is related specifically to the operation of aircraft and risks involved in aviation. Aviation insurance policies have their own terminology and are DIFFERENT from other transportation modes.

If you file a claim, it is YOUR responsibility to prove the damages and that they are covered under your policy. Contact us today and this burden will become OUR burden.

Aviation Insurance Covers:

• Hull losses.
• Liability for passenger injuries.
• Environmental and third party damage caused by aircrafts.

It is impossible to cover the complexities of aviation insurance here. Aviation insurances are also further divided into:

• Public liability insurance.
• Passenger liability insurance.
• Combined Single Limit.
• Ground risk hull insurance not in motion.
• Ground risk hull insurance in motion [taxing].
• In-flight insurance

Commercial or private aviation damage or transport claims are uniquely different. Aviation insurance has its own terminology. Both are complex and need considerable experience to successfully lodge a claim.

Our professional and licensed public adjusters in Boca Raton have a successful track record and experience with both claims. We speak the insurance companies’ language. We will maximize your payout and minimize your pains. Contact us right away to represent you in making a successful claim.