Water Damage Restoration Claims in Boca Raton

We all need water to live. It is a very useful element but equally destructive. Any kind of property is susceptible to water damage whether it is an “act of God”, accidental or a result of wear and tear. Water damage can be gradual or sudden. Whatever the cause or how rapidly it occurs, it requires attention to rectify the damage.

There are a variety of types of water damage each requiring different mitigation methods. Delays in rectifying the situation ASAP creates follow up issues such as mold , corrosion or electrical shorts.

Main Causes of Water Damage in Boca Raton

In our experience, there are a few main causes of water damage in Boca Raton as listed below. However, these reasons below are not the only ones.

• Ceiling leaks.
• Burst boilers.
• Taps left running [deliberately or accidentally].
• Faulty air conditioners.
• Sewers flooding.
• Broke pipes in the bathroom
• Kitchen sink leaking
• Flooding
• Hurricanes.

All of the above are unsettling and distressing. Water damage needs to be dealt with ASAP. You should contact us immediately to review your property and insurance coverage.

It is important the source of the water damage is identified and do what you can stop to it. You have a duty to mitigate the damages and prevent them from escalating.

We will review your policy, document and gather evidence and advise you what you need to do before you lay your claim. After the water has been cleared, we will assess the extent of the damage and produce costing and advise you what to do to stem further damage due to issues such as mold.

It is important you don’t sign any insurance documents without talking to our public adjusters in Boca Raton. We will advise you about the cost of the damage to maximize your settlement and minimize your aggravation. Contact right NOW for sound advice. You need someone in your corner who is watching your interests.