Customer and Insurer Contract

Public Adjuster Boca fully abides by the Florida Statutes Regulating The Business Of Public Adjusters including the ones that became effective on July 1 2013.We will only contact you from Monday through to Saturday between the hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Our public adjusters will provide you with a written estimate of the loss to assist you as a submission of proof of loss or any other claim for payment of insurance proceeds. We will maintain the record for five years or longer.

We will provide you with 48 hours notice to gain access to your property to assess the damage. You have the right to waive this notice. We will provide prompt notice to an insurer that we are handling the claim on your behalf. In addition, we will include a copy of the contract; ensure the property is available for inspection and that the insurer has the opportunity to interview you [the insured] directly about the loss. We will not obstruct or prevent any insurer or company adjuster or any other person acting on their behalf from having reasonable access to you or your property.

The insurer may not exclude our public adjusters from face-to-face meetings with you. We shall not acquire any interest in salvaged property, except with your written consent and permission through a signed affidavit.


We don’t charge you any fees except a small percentage of the payout. If there is no payout, we will not charge you any fees. We are prohibited from charging more than 20 percent of the insurance claim payment on claims not based on a declared emergency and 10 percent of the insurance claim payment on claims based upon a declared emergency for claims made during the first year after the declaration of the emergency. These fee caps apply only to residential property insurance policies as defined in s.718.111 (11), F.S.. We are prohibited from receiving compensation from any source which would exceed the statutory fee cap.

You can cancel a contract with us without penalty or obligation within 3 business days after the date it was executed or within 3 business days after the date you notified us of your claim, or whichever is later.

Our contract will disclose to you your right to cancel the contract and advise the notice of cancellation must be submitted in writing and sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, or other form of mailing which provides proof, to our address as specified in the contract. Our contracts will be in writing and display an anti-fraud statement.

Further Details

We abide by all the Florida Statutes Regulating Public Adjusters. . Please contact us for further details and a more comprehensive Terms of Service of