Has your property suffered flood damage? Are you looking at presenting at presenting your claim to your insurance company? Are you thinking of asking a professional and licensed property adjusters to assist you to process your claim?

Flood damage claims are not straightforward. Trust us on this. They are more complicated than they appear. There are numerous pitfalls that you need to tread carefully to ensure you are not underpaid or your claim is rejected outright.

Firstly, there are numerous definitions of a flood. Do you know what those definitions are? Do you know how you can restore your property to what it was before the flood? Did the water wick up your walls?

If you were unable to answer the latter three questions, it is advisable you contact our public adjusters. We can only assume that you are aware of the potential destructive nature of water from direct experience or witnessing it on television. Water soaks up into your wall and facilitates the growth of mold. It only takes an inch of water to damage your property.

Flood Damage Experts in Boca Raton

The claims process is complicated. It is essential you understand how the National Flood Insurance Program works and where private insurance companies fit into this intricate equation. It is too complex for us to break it down here for you. For example, the technicalities of what constitutes a flood are a problem. We won’t get into the intricacies of the argument here.

The damage from a flood requires expert analysis to prove the damage and to support the claim. Our public adjusters in Boca Raton deal with issues resulting from floods on a regular basis.

Our public adjusters will prepare building damage estimates; contents inventory lists, photographic or video evidence, cost estimates and negotiating with your insurance company. Review our Terms of Service . Insurance companies hate paying out claims. They watch their bottom lines while we watch yours. Contact our public adjurers in Boca Raton immediately to deal with the complex issues and minimize your losses.